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Is tithing a CHOICE or a COMMAND for present-day Christians?  Much debate continues within the Christian faith as to whether or not a person is instructed to tithe to the Church in the Modern Era.  THE PRIVILEGE OF TITHES AND OFFERINGS offers the reader the opportunity to explore what is really meant when we tithe.






front and center

FRONT AND CENTER is a must read for both the believer and the unbeliever on the cusp of deciding who should be FRONT AND CENTER of their life.  The reader is encouraged, through scriptural reference, to give consideration to the road they follow when it comes to establishing whether or not their spiritual, and ultimately their eternal life, is in danger.  From the death of George Washington to the nimble hands of a child in the womb, Martin Roberts uses his extensive medical background in his second book, FRONT AND CENTER to provide us an overall vision of the complexity in our own creation.  He graphically allows us to experience the agony of the Son of God…as if for the very first time. His compelling details become helpful to us in visualizing the reality of the suffering…important in understanding the sacrifice made…






With the growing aggression against Christianity today believers need not only to be reinforced themselves in their belief in the Bible but also need the “armor” to defend its truths.  This book is a compelling and historical journey of scripture and translations that empowers the reader to be able to defend the Bible as the irrefutable Word of God. DEFENDING THE BIBLE AGAINST “CHRISTIANS” journeys historically from the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls through the tumultuous Reformation in Europe, the growth of the Bible to and through North America, to the present day global modernization of translation.  




A Study of the Works of the Flesh versus the Fruits of the Spirit.

In Martin Roberts’ most extensive and explosive work the reader is submerged into the hidden wickedness of today’s culture and the dangerous traps it lays before us. In using the Bible as the road map, Roberts clearly identifies all the “works of the flesh” and the subtle deceptions the enemy uses to enslave a man to them.  Rather than condemnation, the author “invites” us to assess our actions as if posing them in a mirror before us, where everything can be seenincluding the motives of our hearts.

By contrast, the acknowledgement and denouncement of our sin also proclaim our desire and right to the joyous fruits of the Spirit. One cannot enjoy the “works of the flesh” and at the same time expect to experience the love, joy and peace that God promises.  As Roberts notes, “Paul went on to explain that those who follow the fruits of the Spirit do so by virtue of the peace of Christ in their hearts. But action is required to receive the fruits of the Spirit.  Conversely, a person is told to put to death the works of the flesh and have nothing to do with them.  This then illustrates that these works are derived from the devil.” (MIRROR MIRROR Ch 4)

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