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FRONT AND CENTER explores the decision a person makes on their personal journey of life, from the actual to the spiritual, and suggests what a person needs to adopt in determining who or what is FRONT AND CENTER in their lives. The reader is encouraged, through scriptural reference, to give consideration to the road they follow when it comes to establishing whether or not their spiritual and ultimately their eternal lives are in danger.

From the death of George Washington to the nimble hands of a child in the womb, Martin Roberts uses his extensive medical background in his second book, FRONT AND CENTER, to provide us an overall vision of the complexity in our own creation…exemplifying the wonderment of the Deity. He graphically allows us to experience the agony of the Son of God, in real terms, as if for the very first time. His compelling details become helpful to us in visualizing the reality of the suffering…important in understanding the sacrifice made by the Son of God… the sacrifice in accepting our sins.  “It is in our choosing to believe in God over religion, armored with grace, hope and faith in the deity of Jesus Christ, that saves us for eternal life.”

In FRONT AND CENTER Martin Roberts drives us to a road that narrows as we question ourselves, our actions and then encourages us to remain steadfast in our “Unseen Faith”.