Daniel describes the second beast for us in Daniel 7:5, “And behold, another beast, a second one, resembling a bear. And it was raised up on one side, and three ribs were in its mouth between its teeth; and thus they said to it, ‘Arise, devour much meat!’” (NASB)

Here we see a description that we can relate to, a bear. Daniel doesn’t specifically say it is a bear but that it “resembles” a bear. To resemble something requires the subject to have qualities or features, especially those of appearance, in common with (someone or something), that it looks or seems like.

What this bear-like creature is doing, however, is of importance. Daniel says the beast is raised up on one side and that it has three ribs in its mouth between its teeth. Here we must be careful not to go beyond the interpretation of Scripture by declaring what may, in fact, be incorrect. To be as honest and accurate as possible we can only offer what the Scripture appears to be saying or rather identifying. One thing is clear, that no one can argue about. That is that the second beast is referring to a kingdom. The question, which one?

Consulting many scholars, theologians, and interpreters will lead one to see that the prominent view is the liberal view which is held up and promoted. A simple search engine will reveal this to you. The liberal view is that the beast represents the kingdom of Media. This is in opposition to the conservative majority view of it being the Medo-Persian empire. I suppose if historians had ever thought of referring to this kingdom in the first place as the Persian-Media kingdom it would have saved a lot of confusion and needless debate. The theory of this beast being Media was, as we have mentioned, first invented by Porphyry and was revived in the 18th century. This is unfortunate and shows a deliberate attack on history and, more importantly, the Bible. The only other conclusion is to believe these people were deficient in their abilities to assimilate known historical facts. Allow me a moment to “educate” them as to the contents of history.


During the 10th to the late 7th century BC, the western portions of Media became dominated by the vast Neo-Assyrian empire. A series of Assyrian kings imposed vassal treaties upon the Median rulers with the promise of protecting them from other nations. A constant civil war had emerged in Assyria which culminated in the subjected peoples of the Medes, Babylonians, Chaldeans, Egyptians, Scythians, Cimmerians, Lydians and Arameans all ceasing to pay tribute to Assyria. This led to the Median king, Cyaxares, forming an alliance with king Nabopolassar (the father of Nebuchadnezzar) of the Neo-Babylonian empire who attacked Assyria between 616 -609 BC. In 609 BC the Medes captured Nineveh which led to the total collapse of Assyria. During this time period (616 – 609 BC) the Medes, Babylonians, Lydians, and Egyptians were all formidable powers. Cyaxares was succeeded by his son, Astyages, who is known to history as the last Median king. According to the Nabonidus Chronicle, in 553 BC Astyages launched an attack on Cyrus whose father, Cambyses I, king of Anshan, had married Astyages’ daughter Mandana. Astyages attack failed and he was captured by Cyrus but allowed to live. This ended the Median rule after hostilities ceased in 550 BC with the capture of the capital, Ecbatana. The transfer of power was now in the hands of the Persians under Cyrus who inherited all the vassals of the Median king Astyages that comprised of many of Cyrus’s relatives. These relatives retained prominent positions and stood next to Persians with many Medes employed as officials, satraps, and generals.


In 539 BC, Cyrus turned his attention to Babylonia. Again, the Nabonidus Chronicle is one of the lead sources of this known historical event, as is the Cyrus Cylinder commissioned by Cyrus himself.


Here then are the facts known to history.

Astyages was the last Median king (reigned from 585 – 550 BC)

The Median empire was defeated by Cyrus who was the Persian king in 550 BC.

Cyrus conquered Babylon in 539 BC

You will see when we get to chapter eight how Persia is described as growing bigger than Media. This was indeed true. Cyrus built an empire that composed the largest empire the world had yet seen. Over 200 years later, history would be introduced to Alexander the Great. So, one can see after the defeat of Astyages in 550 BC and the conquering of Babylon by Cyrus in 539 BC, there is no room for a Median king to have existed.


The final nail in the coffin of the liberal elite is that, to accept that the Medes are the second beast in Daniel 7:5, means one has to accept the lies and deceit of Porphyry, together with the claim that the book of Daniel is a forgery and, therefore, the prophecies contained therein are false as well.

In 1917, Robert Dick Wilson (1856 – 1930) wrote a book entitled “Studies in the Book of Daniel”. Wilson provided a solid defense against the nonsense that the liberal interpreters heralded. It is believed Wilson’s defense, which devasted the liberal arguments has never been successfully challenged. It is my hope, once we turn this blog series into a book, that I will detail those defenses to their fullest extent.